Giant / Liv 3in3 V-Challenge

LivCyclingPh brings you another virtual race that goes globally in terms of reach while letting you perform at your own pace, place, and time.

This time Liv tags along big brother Giant in this Giant/Liv 3in3 V-Challenge. Through the Strava App, we have created this online cycling race that gives you 3 different challenges to be completed in 3 weeks and rewards you accordingly as well. This allows you to cycle with other cyclists or athletes across the globe through your smart phones or computers.

Ride Hard, Be Safe, RideLife and LivBeyond!

Registration is Open

Registration Ends: October 28, 2017

Registration is Closed. Contact Us.

The Registration Process

  1. Select payment via Bank Deposit or Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card above. If you will be paying by bank deposit, remember to email us your deposit slip within 3 working days
  2. Registration fees per category
    1. Liv (Solo Lady) or Giant (Solo Male): PHP 1,250 per rider
    2. Sis (2 Ladies) or Bros (2 Males): PHP 1,800 per rider
    3. Giant/Liv (1 Male & 1 Lady): PHP1,800 per rider
  3. Download the Strava App on your iOS or Android device through their app stores and register for a Strava Account on the app or at
  4. Join our Strava Club here (Liv / Giant 3in3 V-Challenge) and click “Request to Join”. We’ll confirm your registration in 3 business days

How 3in3 V-Challenge Works


  1. Register through Manila Box Office using the links above and follow instructions to pay via Bank Deposit or via Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card
  2. The race starts on October 29, 2017 and ends on November 19, 2017
  3. Submit a screenshot of completed activities to [email protected]. The screenshot must have the following information: date, distance, elevation, and moving time.

  4. Complete all 3 challenges in 3 weeks to become a Finisher
  5. You can cycle anywhere, anytime, with anyone, at your own pace. You can also join our club rides!

The Challenges

This V-Challenge is a level up from our previous Liv event. This time with big brother Giant joining the race, LivCyclingPh cooked up a more challenging yet accessible V-Race.

Finish all 3 challenges to become a finisher.

Challenge 1: Stage Race

Tackle your own personal stage race by riding 30km as fast as you can. You may do multiple rides to total 30km within 1 calendar day. For those riding with a sis / bro, your total distance must reach 30km as a team.

LivCyclingPH Club Ride: Join us in tackling this challenge on October 29, 2017. Follow us on for updates

Challenge Prize: racebelt and badge

Challenge 2: Uphill Grind Challenge

Leave the flats behind and climb at least 2,000m. Do hill repeats or go for a huge mountain adventure. Complete 2,000m throughout the event period. Submit as many rides (no need to finish in one day) to complete the challenge.For those riding with a sis / bro, your total elevation gain must reach 2,000m as a team.

LivCyclingPH Club Ride: Join us in tackling this challenge on November 5, 2017 riding up Jariel’s Peak. Follow us on for updates

Challenge Prize: sunvisor and badge

Challenge 3: Gran Fondo 100 Challenge

Get ready for a long day on the saddle. Ride 100km in 24 hours for a big day out. For those riding with a sis / bro, your total distance must total 100km as a team.

LivCyclingPH Club Ride: Join us in tackling this challenge on November 12, 2017. Follow us on for updates

Challenge Prize: cycling arm sleeves and badge

Finisher’s Kit, Badges, and Prizes

Your finisher’s kit will include badges and prizes of challenges completed and will be delivered at your doorstep once the race is over. So we urge you to LivBeyond and RideLife to get all the goodies.

Top 3 Finishers per grouping shown below having completed all 3 challenges get badges and prizes for the challenge. Assorted bike essentials from Giant / Liv will also be given.

Winners are selected according to their total logged time for the challenges.

Age Group / Categories:

  1. Age Group Giant (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 & Over)
  2. Age Group Liv (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 & Over)
  3. Sis
  4. Bro
  5. Giant/Liv

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the last day of registration?
    You must complete registration and payment on or before October 28, 2017 without exeception to be eligible for the event.
  2. Is the event refundable?
    Athletes must first request withdrawal from the event through [email protected]. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure a request is receivedUpon confirmation of the coordinator, athletes may be entitled to a refund:
  1. 50% refund until October 1 2017
  2. No refund October 3 2017 onwards
  • Is the event transferrable?
    Individual entires are non-transferrable and cannot be used on other races/events. Changes to team members is possible for a fee of PHP500 once the registration period closes. Category changes are not allowed.
  • How do the Sis, Bro, Giant/Liv Coop categories work?
    The above categories require a pair of participants to work together to achieve a challenge. The challenge can be accomplished by dividing equally, but 1 can do more than the other.For example: the 30KM challenge requires that the total distance ridden by the 2 riders is 30KM. Rider 1 can ride 10KM, and rider 2 can ride 20KM, totalling 30KM.
  • Do we have to ride 30KM in a day for the challenge 1: stage race?
    Yes. You may ride multiple times within 1 calendar day for this challenge and submit your best time.
  • Do we have to ride the challenge 2: uphill grind in 1 day?
    No. You may submit multiple entries throughout the event period to complete this challenge.
  • Do we have to ride the Gran Fondo 100 challenge in 1 day?
    Yes. So, grab friends to join you or join our club ride for this challenge
  • How does one win in their respective age group and bike category?
    Complete the challenge in the least amount of time in your selected bike type category. Rankings are computed at the end of the event period.
  • When submitting screenshots for challenges, what information must be included?
    Take a screenshot of a Strava page. The screenshot must have the following information: date, distance, elevation, and moving time. Send to [email protected]
  • How do we claim our badges and prizes?
    Finisher’s kit and prize will be delivered to your registered address. Please make sure you give your complete address!
  • How do we record our ride for the race?
    First download the Strava App, request to join the 3in3 V-Challenge under Clubs wait for the approval and you’re all set.
  • Are all bike types allowed?
  • What if we cannot finish the race, do we get anything?
    You can still get badges and prizes for any challenges completed.
  • Do I need mobile data while running / riding on Strava?
    Nope! You only need GPS to record rides. No need for Strava data usage.

About the Event Coordinator

This event is a join event of Giant and Liv Cycling PH