Tawo-Tawo Festival Triathlon 2018

February 25, 2018
Bayawan City

Since early 2000’s, Bayawan City hosted several national sporting events, Including The National Triathlon Championships organized by TRAP (Triathlon Association of the Philippines) and National Age-Group Triathlon. Moving forward, Bayawan City on its 3rd edition with its swim, bike and run event will be mounting The TAWO-TAWO FESTIVAL TRIATHLON on February 25, 2018 in the beautiful Boulevard of Bayawan City spearheaded by Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry A. Teves. Both Local and National Triathletes will be competing this coming Triathlon Event in Bayawan City Negros Oriental.

Registration is Open

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Registration Details

Registration Kit Pickup: TBA

Race Categories:

  1. Standard (Olympic): 1.5km swim – 40km bike – 10km run
    1. Male
      1. AG 18-24
      2. AG 25-29
      3. AG 30-34
      4. AG 35-39
      5. AG 40-44
      6. AG 45-49
      7. AG 50-54
      8. AG 55+
    2. Female
      1. AG 18-24
      2. AG 25-29
      3. AG 30-34
      4. AG 35-39
      5. AG 40-44
      6. AG 45-49
      7. AG 50-54
      8. AG 55+
    3. All Male Relay
    4. All Female Relay
  2. Sprint: 750m swim – 20km bike – 5km run
    1. Male Open
    2. Female Open

Registration Fees:

Early Bird (Dec 15 to 31 2017)

  1. Standard: PHP2,000
  2. Relay: PHP4,000
  3. Sprint: PHP2,000

Regular (Jan 1 to 15 2018)

  1. Standard: PHP2,500
  2. Relay: PHP4,500
  3. Sprint: PHP2,500

Last (Jan 16 to 31 2018)

  1. Standard: PHP3,000
  2. Relay: PHP5,000
  3. Sprint: PHP3,000

Last Minute (Feb 1 to 10 2018)

  1. Standard: PHP3,500
  2. Relay: PHP5,500
  3. Sprint: PHP3,500

Registration Prizes:

Standard Category

  1. Men’s / Women’s First Place: PHP8,000
  2. Men’s / Women’s Second Place: PHP6,000
  3. Men’s / Women’s Third Place: PHP4,000

Relay Category

  1. Men’s / Women’s First Place: PHP9,000
  2. Men’s / Women’s Second Place: PHP6,000
  3. Men’s / Women’s Third Place: PHP3,000

Sprint Category

  1. Men’s / Women’s First Place: PHP4,000
  2. Men’s / Women’s Second Place: PHP3,000
  3. Men’s / Women’s Third Place: PHP2,000

Inclusions: TBA

Race Details


Race Rules

Additional rules to be announced soon.

  1. The organizers will only accept the 130 slots, which include Standard, Sprint, and Relay categories. Relay will be counted as 3 pax.
  2. The Race Director and Race Referee shall have the authority to disqualify participants.
  3. Medical personnel shall have ULTIMATE AND FINAL authority to remove a participant from the race if the participant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury or death. Participants who receive IV treatment during the event will be withdrawn from the race.
  4. No contestant may use alcohol or any illegal, detrimental or dangerous drugs, stimulants, depressants or other substances with the intent to improve their performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose.
  5. Good sportsman-like conduct will be demanded of all competitors. Fraud, theft and acts of grossly unsportsman-like conduct are grounds for immediate disqualification and will result in competitors being prevented from competing in any event in the future.
  6. If a competitor decides to withdraw from the race at any time, it is their responsibility to notify the support station captain, race official or the Information Centre. Failure to give notification after withdrawing from the race may result in the competitor being prevented from competing in any event in the future.
  7. We reserve the right to make rule changes at any time provided all athletes are notified in writing and/or at the pre-race compulsory briefing.
  8. No headphones or headsets may be worn during the race.
  9. Race entrants may not compete with a bare torso.
  10. The responsibility of keeping on the correct course and loop counts rests with the competitor.
  11. Any protests regarding decisions made by Race Officials must be made in person and received by the Race Referee or Race Director within two hours of finishing the event. The protest note should be handed in to the Information Centre.
  12. Swim Course closes at exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes after the race start.
  13. Bike Course closes at exactly 3 hours after the race start.
  14. The Race Director has the right to remove all competitors from the course after the official cut off time of 5 hours.

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Contact Bayawan City

Tom Opeña: +639164061502
[email protected]

Contact Event Coordinator

Franklin Echevarria: +639228610393 (Sun / Smart) +639173044200 (Globe)
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About Tawo-Tawo Festival

Bayawan City, known as the “Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental,” anticipates a better production yield of crops in its magnificent fields of rice. This is where the people look upon the Tawo-Tawo, the scarecrow that repels those pesky “Maya” birds that feed on the rice grains, ensuing a much bountiful yield. With such an effective way of protecting the crops, the people are overjoyed with the abundance of their produce, thus the Tawo-Tawo festival was born in celebration and remembrance of such bountiful harvests, portraying the two important elements of the fields: the scarecrow and the mayas. Woven together, the two form a spectacular portrait of rich history and culture. Dancers wore costumes representing farmers, scarecrows, mayas, and carabaos. They dance on the streets in a beautifully choreographed synchronization of movements. The name Bayawan was derived from “Bayaw” (A Visayan word) that means “to hoist.”